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"You are greedy, like a Ferengi."

Translation:bIqur; verengan Darur.

October 17, 2019



I was given 3 choices. The closest option was

bIqur; verengan'e' Darur

I don't understand the usage of -'e' in this context.


The -'e' is not grammatically required here and the sentence basically means the same thing with or without it. In this sort of situation, the -'e' suffix acts to emphasize the noun. So we might write that as "You're as greedy as a FERENGI." Or, "It's a Ferengi that you are as greedy as."

Ideally we don't want it to offer you that as the correct answer since the English does not indicate such emphasis. I hand made a change which I hope will result in less likelihood of this happening again. But the software can be unpredictable, so we'll see.

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