"be brown"

Translation:Doq 'ej wovbe'

October 17, 2019



I was given three choices.

The closest answer was

Qaj wuS rur

It was accepted as correct.

Wouldn't this mean: You resemble a kradge, which doesn't indicate color?


For "you resemble" it would have to be bIrur, but, yes, it literally means, "he/she/it/they resemble/s kradge lips." I suppose it could be referring to other qualities of kradge lips; maybe they are plump, hard, wavy, long, etc. But the feature Klingons usually think about is their browness. It's a pretty standard reference for the color brown in Klingon culture.


So, it sounds like you're saying, this literally means it resembles a kradge, and while it doesn't signify color, because this is a standard reference for color. It's like saying It's the same color as a kradge. If I said wo'rIv rur, it would literally mean he resembles Worf, but because Worf isn't a standard reference for anything (at least during the TNG years), the sentence doesn't make a whole lot sense without a pre-adjectival clause? (Like an unbound simile in the English phrase You are like the sky., which doesn't have any specific ties to "resemble", but is potentially poetic like something one might say to ones lover in bad poetry.) Or should I treat it more like the English resemble? (Which would mean look a lot like, like one might say loDnI'lI' berurYou [pyhsically] resemble your brother.?).


Not "it resembles a kradge," but, "it resembles kradge lips." I'm not sure how appropriate it is to use it without also indicating that you're talking about color. I think the proper way to say it is Doq 'ej Qaj wuS rur, but I also think that If you left off the Doq 'ej most Klingons would probably assume you meant the color. That's why I made a change to try and see if I could prevent the system from showing it to you in the way that it did.

I believe rur does not automatically mean physical appearance and can at times be used for other types of resemblence/similarity.


It sounds like you are aware of a list of "standard reference"s? Is this available? Or are you just referring to http://klingonska.org/canon/1999-03-holqed-08-1.txt ?


No list. And I think the point of the article is not really to say that there are standard terms, but rather to present an example of a comparison that can be used in such a way. The only other such example I know of Dr. Okrand using is Doq ’ej beq­puj rur (aparently bekpuj is bright orange). We teach these terms because they are in canon and terms that many Klingon speakers will recognize.


There is this, http://klingonska.org/ref/color.html but note that some of the terms are listed as non-canon. The Klingonist who worked on the Talk Now! DVDs was forced to provide terms to match a colour wheel, even when they were colours that Klingons aren't known to talk about.

This post states things nicely. https://daily-klingon.tumblr.com/post/135067477035/colour-and-perception

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