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"The poet does not sell the poem."

Translation:Poeta carmen non vendit.

October 17, 2019


Case Singular Plural
Nominative Carmen Carmina
Genitive Carminis Carminum
Dative Carminī Carminibus
Accusative Carmen Carmina
Ablative Carmine Carminibus
Vocative Carmen Carmina

Carmen Song, Poem, Play, Charm, Prayer, Incantation, Ritual, Magic, Card for flax or wool • Carminō - I make verses • Carmen - From Old Latin - ( Casmen - Song ) • Cansmen - abstract noun formed from PIE - Keh₂n- - ( To Sing ) • Canō - ( I Sing, Chant ) + suffix -men


There is also poema, poematis, neuter, meaning poem. Poeta poema non vendit.


I have tried "Poeta poema non vendit" and was marked wrong. I've reported this as "My answer should be accepted".


Yes, it's a 3-syllable word; the o is separate from the long e; it's borrowed from Greek.

There are some words with -oe- diphthong in Latin, such as poena, -ae, f., punishment (as in "subpoena" from sub poena , "under penalty" (you must appear in court--or else!).

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