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"Nos bibliothecam visitare volumus."

Translation:We want to visit the library.

October 17, 2019



[ Noun: VolūmenVolūmina ] • from Volvō ( roll, turn about ) • scroll, roll, volume, book, revolution, turn, (poetic) fold, coil, whirl

[ Verb: Velle • wish, want, mean, intend
Present Indicative: Volō vīs vult, volt Volumus vultis voltis volunt
Present Subjunctive: velim velīs velit velīmus velītis velint ]

VoluntāriusVoluntāriīVoluntas (“will”) +‎ -ārius from the old present participle stem *welont- + -tās. Confer with Volēns (“willing”) and post-classical Volentia (“will”). will, free will, choice, desire, inclination, disposition towards (something or someone), favor, affection, last will, testament, goal, object, purpose, intention, signification, import


How does this suddenly become we want? Volumen meant books or scrolls how does Volumus suddenly become we want?


volumen and volumus are unrelated. volumus is one of the forms of volo, velle.

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Ah, whence "volunteer/volition".

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Bibliothecam visitare volumus, sed inaccessa est.

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