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how often should i study?

so i have the phone version of duolingo and occasionally i get to use my mothers laptop ive been trying to do at least 1 lesson a day im afraid if i do too much i might forget something that i learned i do review quite a bit but i dont really know if i should try and study more or if 1 a day is alright heaven knows i have plenty of time throughout the day for anything so i could certainly put way more time into duolingo but i just dont know

4 years ago



The more the better. Duo likes to compare itself to a university class, and you would sit in class four hours a week and should probably do another several hours of homework and study. Only one lesson per day will result in very slow progress, IMO.

4 years ago

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Do as much as you feel comfortable with. Two or more a day won't hurt, but neither would one a day. One a day will be slower, but it just depends on when kind of a person you are.

4 years ago


I do at least 10 lessons a day averaging between 13-15 and have gone over 20. I also watch the Spanish stations on TV and listen to the Spanish radio programs, as well. I would say that my memory is about average. I do not see how anyone could learn Spanish doing only one or a few lessons a day unless they have a phenomenal memory. Hope that doesn`t discourage you.

4 years ago