Translation:the Klingon consonant q

October 17, 2019




As of June 2020 this word has correct audio from male and female speakers. It rhymes with lie and starts with a sound just a little further back in the mouth than the k in karate.


Has this been reported to duolingo?

I saw qay, but heard something strange which I assumed to be audio error, then realized that this is approximately how Qay should sound like based on its text description. This is very confusing.


Thank you for noticing and for wanting to help out. This is a known problem. The audio system does not recognize the difference between q and Q and it is impossible to record separate audio for them. We are working with the programmers to figure out how to fix it, but they are working on a lot of more priority features and so it might take a while. This is part of the reason we continue to be in long-term beta testing. Please continue to ask about things that seem odd, as the are other issues too, and we're happy to help clarify.


How many times is Q going to appear in this Lesson


It is random per session.


It showed middle finger in meanings.


Yes. In addition to being the name of the letter q, qay is also a verb meaning "to use the middle finger". Similar to how in English "be" is the second letter of the alphabet and a connecting verb (and, if you want to include "bee", a flying insect, too).

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