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Practice all skills: less than 20 questions

I got a practice session with only 10 questions today. Another session had about 15 questions. The other ones consisted of 20 questions each, as usual.

Now, I understand there can be less than 20 questions if there are not enough sentences (like when you practice a separate word), but there are surely enough of them for the "Practice all skills" option.

Could you please look into this?

April 23, 2013



Hmmm... at the end of these short practice sessions, how many words does it say your strengthened? Also, is this for German or French?


I don't remember exactly. Maybe 3 or 4? This is for German and this happened only once so far, yesterday.


Maybe you have very few weak words due to the effectiveness of your practice routine.


This is not the case. My first today's practice had 10 questions, the second had 20 and the third had 15.


Okay, so today this happened again: my first practice session had 14 questions, the second one 10 questions and the third one 16 questions. Every round had very few words, for instance, the second round only had "Insekt" strengthened. Why could not "Insekt" be combined with the first practice session? Why give 3 short sessions instead of one or two proper ones with 20 questions?

This all is for German.

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