They "need" versus they "want" - "הם רוצים אותנו או אותם?"

This particular lesson has an audio file that does not match the written word choice. The audio file uses the Hebrew word for "need" (צריכים), not "want" (רוצים). The only option available in written form is the verb for "want."

When I went to provide a comment to the discussion about this, I see that comments pointing out the error appear to go back about three years.

Is there no one minding the shop for the Hebrew section? Do you need volunteers?

How can this be amended?

Thank you. תודה

October 17, 2019


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I occasionally get 'your sentence has now been accepted' emails from Hebrew, so I know at least someone is reviewing reports from time to time... but it does seem like they are overstretched as there are also many errors that remain unfixed.

Are you seeing this problem on in Hebrew or in other languages you are studying as well?

This particular problem only in the Hebrew.

Well, you can post this same message on the "bug fix forum" as well, don't know if it will change a "live" course, but that's what I would have done.

P.S - not that is should be thought here on Duo, but in Israel people do have the tendency to replace "need" & "want" in daily speech- drives me crazy ! (No, you don't "need" a new iPhone if the previous one works fine & up-to-date).

I've come across this sentence a few times, and once it was a "pick the words" exercise which makes it impossible to complete. Very annoying.

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