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Το πουλί του μιλάει.

In Greece last bummer, there was A large parrot at one of the restaurants I went to (in Κόρινθος) and I started thinking...

How do you distinguish between: "His bird speaks." "The bird speaks to him." "His bird speaks to him."

For the last one, do you say "Το πουλί του του μιλάει"?

October 17, 2019



His bird speaks=Το πουλί του μιλάει (sounds like το πουλίτου μιλάει)
The bird speaks to him= Το πουλί τού μιλάει (sounds like το πουλί τουμιλάει)
His bird speaks to him=Το πουλί του τού μιλάει (sounds like το πουλίτου τουμιλάει)


With two people, is there any ambiguity in the final sentence as there is in English? In other words, could Το πουλί του τού μιλάει mean both that his bird speaks to him (the same guy as who owns the bird) and that his bird speaks to him (some other guy)?


Yes, it can be ambiguous without context.

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