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"Minerva destroys the undutiful human."

Translation:Minerva hominem impium delet.

October 17, 2019



ImpiumImpius ( disloyal, undutiful, godless, impious, unpatriotic, damned, accursed ) • In- +‎ pius pious, devout, dutiful, loyal, good, blessed, (Late Latin) holy. • Pietās Dutiful conduct, sense of duty, (to the gods) Piety, conscientiousness, scrupulousness, (to one's parents, children, relatives, country, benefactors, etc.) Duty, dutifulness, affection, love, loyalty, patriotism, gratitude, Gentleness, kindness, tenderness, pity, compassion.


So should we start worshiping her again so that she doesn't do the same to us?


Shouldn't impius rather mean godless?


No. Impius has several meaning. It means undutiful towards an authority. It can be the gods, the family, the nation, or whatever. It's not really godless like "atheistic".

Godless means "not believing in God/the gods". Someone can be "impius" in the Latin meaning, while believing in the gods

"Impious", in English, is more about the meaning you've said.

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