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Tipes&Notes problem

Hello! I have a Duolingo app on my smartphone (Android) and have Tipes and Notes in all languages but not in Klingon. What should I do?

October 17, 2019



Some of the major languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, and German have Tips & Notes for the Web and also for the Android app. Many of the smaller ones, like Latin, Hawaiian, and Klingon only have the Tips & Notes available on the Web. There is nothing you can do to get them for the Klingon course through the app. We have hopes that one day they will be made available in the apps, but we have no idea when that could be (it might be years away). In the mean time, you can use the web browser that is on your phone to access the web portal and see the Tips & Notes on your phone in that way.


Thank you very much!

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