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"Mercatores pecuniam nobis tradere possunt."

Translation:The merchants can hand over the money to us.

October 17, 2019



I typed " The merchants can hand over to us the money " and it said i was wrong?


This is why politicians like VAT


This speaker's pronunciation is EXCELLENT. Very clear and exact.


I also think saying "hand the money to us" should be considered correct. The "over" part is redundant. It shouldn't be counted wrong for leaving "over" out.


Why is it Nobis though?


In this sentence, "nobis" is an indirect object, which takes the dative case. In English, a similar sentence would be: "The merchants handed us the money." Without the preposition, "us" clearly functions as the indirect obkect of the verb "handed" -- rather than simply the object of a preposition. Latin does not use a preposition for this purpose. The meaning is completely coneyed by use of the dative case.

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