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"The rainy season is the season of the cold."

Translation:Musim hujan musim pilek.

October 17, 2019



Musim hujan adalah musim batuk pilek not accepted


That is interesting as “batuk pilek” seems to me more appropriate here . Thanks for sharing the information !


Why is "batuk pilek" wrong here? In another sentence in this lesson it's used as translation for "cold" and somebody explained very nicely that it's an expression to say "cold" just like "masuk angin". Why is it pilek here now and "batuk pilek" is wrong?


I'm very confused about this also. I thought pilek alone is runny nose and batuk alone is cough and you put them together to mean "a cold". But batik pilek is marked wrong.


“the season of colds” sounds more familiar than “the season of the cold”


I'd say "cold season" sounds much more natural. "Season of the cold" is very unnatural if not incorrect.


Not too much mention ambiguous. "The cold" could refer to the temperature.


"Pilek" doesn't refer to the temperature... "Pilek" is the symptom of running nose. You can use "pilek" when you have a cold or allergic (i.e. medical contexts), but you can't when a sad story makes you cry or when you are chopping an onion. -- These explanations are based on answers from Indonesian speakers. https://hinative.com/questions/18264021


I think we have more patients in the dry season, not rainy season...

By the way, "batuk pilek" is a combination of coughing and running nose. "Batuk" itself means "cough", so I'm not sure you can use "batuk pilek" in this context (the rainy season).

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