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What an Esperanto event looks like

I'm just back from the Aŭtuna Renkontiĝo de Esperanto on Lake George in New York State. I think this picture speaks 1000 words about what it's like to see that you're not the only one speaking Esperanto.

October 17, 2019



That's really cool to see so many Esperanto speakers in one place :D


I like that the room is full, but not TOO full. It's still possible to do one activity together. Shortly after this picture was taken I went around the room and said everybody's name. That is, the group was small enough that it was possible to learn everybody's name. (To be fair, many of these people have been friends for years, or students of mine online, or had contacted me ahead of time with questions about the event, so it wasn't like I'd learned that many names in an hour.) I also like the diversity in this photo. We see all ages. Families. Elders. High School students. We see all levels. (A little harder to see in the photo, I know.) We see gay and straight. We see Quakers, Evangelicals, Atheists, Muslims, Baha'i, Lutherans, Buddhists, and who knows what else. Also harder to see is the diversity of native language in this group.

And yet we have all come together in friendship to do one thing together thanks to our shared interest in Esperanto.


Yup. As soon as you can, put down the book, computer, or phone you're learning from and go to a meeting. Esperanto was meant to be spoken. I mean, it's pretty sweet looking in print, but you need to hear someone crack a joke in Esperanto, sounded pissed off in Esperanto, or simply be puzzled in Esperanto. That's when it really comes to life.

(Dressing in a three piece suit with bow tie like Zamenhof is optional.)


Hopefully I will keep on track to learn enough to attend one of these events soon


I would submit it's the other way around. If you want to stay on track to learn enough, attend an event. If you're worried about not knowing enough, let the organizers know. I'm willing to bet they'll encourage you to come and they'll make sure there are mini-classes, or at least a guide to make sure you don't get lost or too confused. You'll learn so much in your first weekend event and wonder why you waited.


Que maravilha! Comecei a estudar esperanto e gostei bastante. Dankon.


Looks like a magic con (: I want to go to one, but my parents probably won't let me like they dont let me go to FNMs Helicopter parents u know


You obviously want to listen to your parents. For sure they're looking out for you.

I know some events allow people under 18 to participate only if a responsible adult comes along. You'd probably need to work something similar out to come to the event I'm talking about here because the venue has rules saying that you have to be over 18 to book accommodations. I would encourage your parents to reach out to the event organizers if there's an event you're interested in.


Dankon por ne nomigxi gxin "esperantist".

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