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This lovely forum

I actually learn German, but I'm Israeli and I wanted to see how the Hebrew forum looks like. I was sure it will be either empty or a lot of BDS stuff. But I found out how lovely and positive it is. Keep up the good work, love you all תמשיכו להיות כאלה טובים, אוהב אתכם ⁦❤️⁩

October 18, 2019



ברכות מהגלות :)

Please visit this Hebrew forum frequently; this way when people have questions about Hebrew, you can contribute to the learning process as a native speaker.

I think Duolingo ambiance is geared toward broad- and open-minded folks, which makes it an intellectually hostile environment for a typical "anti-anything" activist mindset :) ... and/or the moderators are doing a great job filtering out unhelpful stuff.


Luckily the BDS people don't have the brains or inclination to learn Hebrew :-)

good luck


תודה רבה!


Or, in your target language, Viel Glück!

By the way, did you know that once you learn a lot of German (and maybe a little bit of Russian and Polish), you would be able to understand Yiddish? So it's like "learn 1, get 1 free".


Yeah my grandmother knows Yiddish from her parents and she says that's like German


Well it's not like the "Let's hate something" folks do not have brains at all ... they do, only not inside their own heads (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Useful_idiot)


What is the image?


בהצלחה עם הגרמנית שלך

(Good luck with your German)


This forum is not as active as other forums, but I think in spite/because of that people are extra helpful when it comes to helping each other out and answering questions. Thankfully, people steer clear of politics and are more concerned with verbs. (also, most people learning Hebrew tend to already have a positive bias towards the country).


An 80-Year-Old Tale Of Positive Bias

A couple of years ago I discovered a 1944 book by a Dr. Walter Clay Lowdermilk, a senior soil conservation specialist with no (traceable) Jewish roots. This gentleman had worked in what was British Mandatory Palestine in the 1930's and 40's and he was sufficiently impressed by the achievements of the Zionist pioneers to write a book about the transformation of the Land - from the arid, barren, disease-ridden, lawless and destitute "boonies" of the Ottoman Empire into a potential home for five million people (quoting from memory).


The before-and-after pix on pp. 103-117. This is 80 years ago! To turn the pages, click on them.


Sounds like an interesting read, though I confess I usually stick to lighter reading. I admire the Zionists of that time for their dream and all they achieved under such challenging circumstances.


I've often wondered what motivates us when any hope would be unreasonable if not delusional. לחיים.


שי שלום!

I want to say the same thing about this site: "But I found out how lovely and positive it is"

Thanks, Shai for a nice post.

אני רוצה לומר את אותו הדבר על האתר הזה: "אבל גיליתי כמה הוא יפה וחיובי"

תודה שי על הפוסט הנחמד.


תודה, אין בעד מה!


Hey Shay! I'm German and learning Hebrew. Haven't used the forum much so far, but I love that Duolingo offers Hebrew. Liebe Grüße aus Köln :-)


Dankeschön Claudia, Liebe Grüße aus Haifa!


Do you like lingots? I gave you three more.


i love the sound of your language, but it seems so hard to learn


It's anti semitic (well, anti Jewish) movement - that's hides behind their right to criticize Israel as a country (many of their supporters are Pro Palestinians terror supporters & NeoNazis, the funding comes from there too).

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