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  5. "He has his medication."

"He has his medication."

Translation:Er hat seine Medikamente.

April 23, 2013



Why do we have to use the plural?


I take it that Medikament is singular??? Lost a heart. :(


Many pills to take, plural = Medikamente. Only one type of pill: Singular, Medikament. In this case, you will know the person very well, in al other cases it is supposed that more different pills are taken, so, plural, Medikamente.


This is incorrect! the English is "he has his medication," not "medications." It IS singular!


But you cant use a language to completely explain another language, right?


What is the difference between Medikament/te and Medizin?


Why is behandlung not accepted here whereas it is in the hint list?


Behandlung means "treatment", which is not at all the same thing as medicine/medication.


Although several of the questions above ask about why the plural is used, I think that it might be the genitive case since it involves possession. Google Translate gives this same translation for both "He has his medication" and "He has his medications". It would be nice if a native speaker could help explain.


I could speculate about why the German sentence uses the plural, but I can't be sure.
One thing I can tell you though: it isn't genitive, for two reasons: 1) the genitive is used for the ‘possessor’ not the possessed thing, just like ‘'s’ in English; in this case you could say ‘he/er’ should be genitive, but possessive adjectives are used instead when the possessor is indicated by a pronoun. 2) the genitive would be ‘des Medikaments’; in no case is the genitive indicated by a simple -e ending, it can be -s, -(e)n, -(e)ns or simply nothing (for feminine nouns).


I agree -- thanks for your help -- have a lingot


Actually this exercise shows up elsewhere as Er hat seine Medikamente, where the "seine" is the clue that it's plural. If you are translating from the English to the German, however, I think both Er hat siene Medikamente and Er hat sein Medikament (cuz Medikament is neuter) would be accepted. If not so, report it.


Thanks, Casey. I confirm that both of your translations are being accepted.


Why would one not use die Medizin?


Duo dictionary has exactly the same translation for Medizin and Medikament: medicine, medication, drug. Due to the similarities of the German/English words, I just stuck to pairing Medizin/medicine and Medikament/medication.

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