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Any tricks to learning Arabic???

I'm trying to learn Arabic and am having trouble connecting to a lot of it. Any tricks?

October 18, 2019



Arabic is a very systematic and regulated language and, in my opinion, unlike other languages, it's grammar should be taught simultaneously with routine, popular and most commonly used vocabulary and conversations. Without knowing the rules of making correct sentences and just memorizing some commonly use sentences, you will definitely have trouble. It is important to know the differences between masculine and feminine, as well as the differences between Singular, Muthanna (two persons), and plural (more than two persons), as well as the differences between the speaker, the audience and the absent, as well as the differences between present, past and future. You have to practice more and get help from the Arabic speakers. Good luck

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I have to say, as a native, I don't see Duolingo is the best but it can be a help of some sort. I didn't google resources for learning myself but some users here did speak about some better resources. Unfortunately, I can't remember much names right now but maybe Memrise. Some people also dig Youtube. I would have suggested studying Quran with one of the English translations (I usually prefer Pickthall translation) but the language of Quran is highly classic and can be sophisticated; Not a good choice for a beginner.
If you check the forum here, see my latest post (posted on Thursday), I did put a link to my Arabic blog. Read the post and see the idea I'm suggesting there, and maybe it will help you get your first steps (with the help of Google Translate).
I can also suggest one website which I think is more helpful than Google Translate: www.almaany.com ; The problem with this website though it is a dictionary (in between Arabic and various languages) and does not translate sentences like Google Translate does. However, the vocabulary in Almaany is surely high in number and better than Google. I think it is supported by the Jordanian Arabic Language assembly but I'm not sure.

Spend some time to see the best strategy for you. What works for others might not necessarily work for you. This is true in learning ANY language, and not just Arabic.


My mother language is Arabic I speak English but I'm not excellent If you need help please send me an email shihab.yemen3@gmail


If you agree and email me, I can do your weekly and distance learning for free. We can also read and interpret religious texts together step by step. My e-mail address is : s.ebrahimpour.1986@gmail.com


Thank you for extending such an offer. I am just beginning Arabic and have the utmost respect and enthusiasm for it. Any learning resources would be invaluable!


Hello! I would say the main trick is to make sure you really nail the Arabic alphabet, and the combination of sounds together. After that, it should be smooth sailing! As a bilingual, (Arabic and English) I think duolingo is a great place to start! Oh and also, make sure you finish all 5 levels before commencing to the next section. Hope this helped! :D


memorize the alphabet helps a lot!


i have no idea i speak Arabic but i do not know sorry follow me plz


Practice practice practice!!! I've known people who study it for years and still aren't as fluent as people who practice it whenever they can with native speakers.


i gave some of you guys lingoten those red things but mos shadow hunt i gave her a lot

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