Can my name Stacey be esperantized?

October 18, 2019


Several options:

  • Stesi
  • Stanjo
  • Stesinjo
  • Stacey (prononcita "stesi").

Salivanto's suggestions are good. If you wanted to use the related Esperanto name, you could also go for:

  • Anastazio (Ananjo, Anastanjo)
  • Anastazia
  • Stazia

And if you wanted more or less fidelity to the spelling or pronunciation of your name, you could also go for:

  • Stejsi, Stejsio
  • Stejci, Stejcio
  • Steci, Stecio

Of these, I prefer Stazia (sta-ZI-a). Most of the others have unusual consonant clusters (IMHO) or strangely accented vowels.

Probably something along the lines of stacxio, but when speaking your name doesn't have to be esperantized

What I did first was to see the history of my name: Ray, from Raymond, from Raginmunde (Old german for wise counselor.) "Rejmondo" was phonetic, but I loved "Raginmundo". I put it into Google translate which somehow turned it into "Ragworld." After I stopped laughing, I tried some others, which got even more (embarrassingly) pretentious. Then I tried a reverse translation, ragworld from english. It did not come up as Raginmundo, so I decided that it was Google's problem. Do, mia namo esperanta estas Raginmundo.

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