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  5. "My wife is a professor."

"My wife is a professor."

Translation:زَوْجَتي أُسْتاذة.

October 18, 2019



"Zawjatii Rania" is "My wife Rania" ?

What's the difference bitween "My wife is Rania" and "My wife Rania" in Arabic?



1) ""Zawjatii Rania" is "My wife Rania"?"


2) "What's the difference bitween " My wife is Rania" and "My wife Rania" in Arabic?"

The "زوجتي رانيا" statement can mean both meanings. But, we may also write "زوجتي هي رانيا" for the sentence "My wife is Rania" to distinguish it (by putting هي to clarify which the subject is and which the complement is) from the phrase "My wife Rania".

Also, in Duolingo, there is always no "." the full stop/period sign for "My wife Rania" at the end of the statement while there is "." at end of "My wife is Rania.".

The following examples are just for pre-supposition:


"زوجتي رانيا":

My wife Rania (without a "." full stop/period)


"زوجتي رانيا.":

My wife is Rania. (with a "." full stop/period) - but I never meet this sentence in Duolingo.


zawjatii 2ustaadha


Juste une alerte : dans cette leçon "ustadh" = professor Dans une précédente leçon, Professor = "mu-anlim"

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