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  5. "Sie warten wohl auf dich."

"Sie warten wohl auf dich."

Translation:They are probably waiting for you.

April 23, 2013



I hate it when you stick in words that makes no difference for the translation. "They are waiting for you" is translated as "Sie warten auf dich". What is the "wohl" doing there? Just to confuse me, no doubt?


Oh, I know exactly what it is and I know exactly what it does to the sentence in this context. My native language of Swedish does the exact same thing. But whenever duolingo throws one of these sentences at me I try to work out how I can replicate the same meaning in English, and more often than not it just gives me these plain translations, which makes me wonder why they threw in "wohl" at all.


To get you used to these filler words I suppose... though I was certainly similarly frustrated just now.


Thanks for the link!


Shouldn't you (formal) be as acceptable as they as a translation for this?


I tried that, I don't see why formal "you" shouldn't be correct. I'll try asking for it to be accepted.

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