Spanish Accents?

When I am typing Spanish how to I put in the accents?

4 years ago


Under the box where you type in, there will be little letters with the letters and their accents on them.

4 years ago

On my iphone I just hold the letter down and then a box pops up with a list to choose from such as à á â ä ã etc.

4 years ago

It is often possible to configure your keyboard so that you can type accents by making a few keystrokes. On my computer I can type á by hitting right-alt, then ', then a, because I set it up that way. However I am using the Ubuntu operating system so I only know how to configure it on that.

4 years ago
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Look for a list of Alt Codes on Google. My son brought me a list from school. You hold down the Alt key on your computer and type in 4 numbers. They have a bunch of the accents for all the letters and the symbol for the Euro and things like that. It's helpful for when you work in the immersion section.

4 years ago


  • á = 160 | Á = 181
  • é = 130 | É = 144
  • í = 161 | Í = 214
  • ó = 162 | Ó = 224
  • ú = 163 | Ú = 233
  • ü = 129 | Ü = 154
  • ñ = 164 | Ñ = 165
  • ¿ = 168 | ¡ = 173


Configuring the keyboard to Spanish (from taskbar). If you has an English keyboard but if you configure it to Spanish, you will be able to use the accents (this tutorial is in a QWERTY keyboard):

  • How to put the acute accent: Press the key in the right of the "P" and press a vowel key.
  • How to use the diaeresis: Press and hold the Shift, and press the key in the right of the "P", release the Shift key, and press a vowel key (in Spanish is just used on the "U").
  • How to use the Ñ: Press the key in the right of the "L".
  • How to open an exclamation/question mark: Press the key in the left of the Backspace (for: ¿); or Press and hold the Shift, and press the key in the left of the Backspace (for: ¡).

Because of I am learning Portuguese, I have been forced to learn the ASCII: 198 (ã), 199 (Ã), 228 (õ), 229 (Õ), 135 (ç) and 128 (Ç).

4 years ago
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