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"Estne vestimentum in armario?"

Translation:Is the garment in the closet?

October 18, 2019



I tried "Is the piece of clothing in the closet?" but no dice. Should've been OK I think.


The way i remember that closet is armario, is to think of mario being secretly in the closet.

I think of mario peaking out of a closet door saying "It's a me! Armario!".


I don't know how common this is elsewhere but in the u.s. the word "armoire" (borrowed from French no doubt) is fairly well known as a piece of furniture in which to put clothes, what in u.k might more commonly be called a "wardrobe".


American English differentiates between "closet" and "wardrobe/armoire".

A closet is assumed to be built into the wall, a small room with clothing storage. These can be very small - my house was built in 1915 and the closets are only about 10 inches deep and barely wider than the doorframe - or quite large and referred to as "walk in closets".

A wardrobe or armoire (most regions of the US tend to use the French, not British term) is a separate piece of furniture. It is used in rooms that have no built-in closets or where they are too small to be usable (like my house).

Legally, in most US cities, a room must include at least one built-in closet to be considered a bedroom.


I was undecided between putting "Is the clothing in the closet?" and "Are the clothes in the closet?"

Put the latter and got it wrong. Are either of my translations acceptable?


I think both your translations are fine, but note that vestimentum is often used to refer to a single article of clothing, and vestimenta (the plural) to clothes.


I think it's "always" not "often", as "vestimentum/vestimenta" don't obey to the English rule about "clothes" being an uncountable. In French, where "vêtement" has the same status than in Latin, a normal countable word, you won't never consider that "le vêtement" is the same as "les vêtements", it's not possible.


Clothes: countable, plural. Valid point about 'vestimentum' specifying: countable, singular


Thanks for clarifying! I did the same mistake the second time through the tree, and opened up this page. So nice to find the answer! :)


What is clothing,clothes and garments in Latin?


'Is there clothing in the wardrobe?' marked incorrect.

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"Vestimentum" refers to a single article of clothing, not clothes en masse.

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