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  5. "أَنْتَ بوب."

"أَنْتَ بوب."

Translation:You are Bob.

October 18, 2019



This should be a question: Are you Bob? Bcoz of the tone

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True. Anyway, away from the sound issue (and they are many for this course on Duolingo), to ask a question like this, the sentence would be preceded by the question article هل (hal), so it would become هل أنت بوب؟.


Duo always pronounces "Bob" this way!


When do you use "أنْتَ" and "أنْيا" meaning you? (I think I misspelled that sry). Also are those ending used for anything else?

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أنتَ (anta) is used for a masculine (you).
أنتِ (anti) is used for a feminine (you).
Depends on the person you are dedicating the speech to.


Why is in the exercise أَ , then in the foro is written only أ (without َ )

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They are both the same. In our daily writing in fact we don't use the vowel markers ـَــُــِ and the others - we use them only when necessary to not be confused about some words

technically .. أ and أَ are the same ........ unless it comes as أُ ... then this is (u)


So do new learners use more of the vowel markers to avoid total confusion? It takes forever to type with the arabic keyboard

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supposedly yes - new comers to the language would learn by vowels and then get used to the words and sentences and drop using them

how things work with Duolingo, unfortunately, is something beyond me. I'm guessing they mark answers wrong for missing a vowel marker? If so, this is quite a ... rough one.

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