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A possible childrens version?

My two daughters (10 and 13) also pratice duolingo. One: to learn Portugese and English and the other to learn English and French. I think they learn a lot with this program.

Their levels still aren't very advanced. But I am, and the sentences and subjects at the advanced level are not very attractive for children. Could duolingo think about a childrens version?

April 23, 2013



Actually, we really want to make Duo better for kids. We're working on it :)


I have a ten year old brother. And he's not very fast at typing.


I was just thinking about how wonderful it would be if my kids could use Duo. My kids love to play games, but we try to keep it to educational games. A kids version of Duo would be very useful to our family, particularly if the children didn't need to type but rather could select answers (in the form of images or words/phrases) from several options. Young children aren't proficient at typing, but learn languages so much easier than older children. I just love Duo. I'd love for my children to love it too!


Thank you for your comment. Currently, in order to use Duolingo you must be older than thirteen.

Maybe you could tell a bit more about your distinction between advanced and non-advanced levels as it might still be interesting to hear why some sentences seem unattractive to you.


I would like this to happen


Three lingos for you and your kids. I have similar concerns, and a thoughtful user was kind enough to point me towards this post. In my case I am not as concerned for my teenage stepkids as for my six nephews and nieces, all under 10, all of the school-going ones studying one or even two languages besides English, plus what they hear in our multilingual extended family.

I would love a DL-Kid friendly environment to encourage them to use!!!

[deactivated user]

    I hadn't noticed the 13+ requirement (there is nowhere to put your age when you register) and have just signed my two boys (6 & 9) up, who are both excited to learn some French for our upcoming holiday, where are you with creation of a Kids version?

    At the moment I am confortable over seeing their access to DL so will keep on with it.


    Yea... Didn't it say that... I'm ten. It said 4+

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