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  5. "His client is in the grave."

"His client is in the grave."

Translation:Cliens eius in sepulchro est.

October 18, 2019



Is there anything wrong with "Cliens suus in sepulchro est" ?


"Cliens suus in sepulchro est"

This is possible in the context of meaning "his/her own client..." or "one's own client..."


Since the sentence is so out-of-context, it's probably better to stick with the 'rule' that reserves the possessive adj. suus, a, um for "belonging to the 3rd person subject." Note that cliens is the subject here (not some "he" or "she"--since we have no other sentence). The genitive eius (from 3rd pers. pronoun is, ea, id, "he, she, it") makes more sense here, I think.

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