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  5. "هٰذا مَطْبَخ أَمْريكِيّ."

"هٰذا مَطْبَخ أَمْريكِيّ."

Translation:This is an American kitchen.

October 18, 2019



I translated this as 'this kitchen is american', why is that wrong?

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your sentence would translate as: هذا المطبخ أمريكي

Notice the change in the definite article AL. Without it (as in the sentence above) makes "kitchen" مطبخ as predicative - so in English, this word must come AFTER "is".
When adding "AL" to it, then this word combined with "this" are all together a subject for the sentence, and must come BEFORE "is".
Actually this is just a trick you can think of mentally while translating. I didn't want to go deep into grammar.


I'm not sure because I don't hear it very well, but is the word 'kitchen' declined to 'maTbajun'?

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Yep, with (J) here in your spelling as Spanish Jota. (like the German CH in Bach). Usually I type this sound as (x).


Actually, the Ch in Bach is only a correct Arabic Kh in the English pronunciation of German Bach. In German we pronounce the ch as [x] while the Kh sound in Arabic is [χ]. Spanish J as in jalapeño imo is closer to Arabic Kh.

And the convention, as far as I know, is that Arabic Kh is 5 when avoiding confusion with که

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Yes, some people do type it as (5) but the majority use (Kh). If the need rises to type كْهـ with Latin letters, well, sometimes we simply don't care if we know the other person will understand it, or simply some people (like me) would use a separator of some kind (I type it as "k'h").


What will be the Arabic of "This is a kitchen, American!"

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If you mean by "American" at the end as in calling someone (i.e. like saying "you American man"), that would be: هذا مطبخ يا أمريكي (háTHá maTbaxun yá amríkiy).


Is there such a thing as an American kitchen?

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Not sure about the outside, but at least here, there is a specific style of a kitchen which is called an "American kitchen" - it is a kitchen that is open to the living room without a door between the two, with a counter sort of thing that separates the kitchen and the living room.
On the other hand, away from styles, it could simply mean a kitchen made from parts from the US. As simple as that.


Interesting! We call this style of kitchen the same in Portuguese: "cozinha americana"

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