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"Stephanus goes to the market with Corinna."

Translation:Stephanus cum Corinna ad forum it.

October 18, 2019



How are we to learn the verb conjugations? Is there a link to them?


I just check them up on wikitionary, which I think is a pretty decent online dictionary. And I believe this is what duolingo could work on, I was really confused with the cases initially.


Why is it "it"? It is more than one person going to the market > eunt


Only one of them is the subject.

Same with the English, a singular form of the verb is used.


I agree. They both went to the market. An explanation please if possible. Thanks


In the original English sentence, "Stephanus" is the subject, "goes" is the verb; "to the market" and "with Corinna" are both prepositional phrases... in this instance, adverb(ial) prepositional phrases. No matter how many people are with Stephanus, he is the single subject, and, so, the verb must be 3rd person singular.


As i understand it, it's because only one of the people named are the object, the other is mentioned as an aside. 'It' therefore works for the singular, in the same way that in English you might say "Mark goes to the market with Katie" rather than "Mark going to the market with Katie".


I just changed the name of corinna and it gave me wrong loll


Why is it "ad" and not "a"? Doesn't the next word have to start with a vowel to be "ad"?


No, you are confusing ad with ab. ad is always ad. ab tends to be a before vowels.


One time the correct answer is "Stephanus cum Livia", and the next time it is "it cum Livia." If both are correct, Duo should accept either.

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