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"The client visits the patron."

Translation:Cliens patronum visitat.

October 19, 2019



it confuses me now. until now visiting the patron was salutationem facere, and now it is suddenly simply visitare


The sentence is confusing. I would rather say: The client pays his respects to the patron


I thought "Cliens salutationes faciunt" was the right option here.


Cliens is singular so the verb has to be singular also, therefore 'facit'.


So now that the correct answer is "Cliens salutationem facit." I find that in this review exercise, I am getting a phrasing I have not seen before. salutationem facere has not been a part of my lessons. I am further confused that the translation for this entry is Cliens patronum visitat but that was not one of my options.


FYI: "Cliens salutationem facit" has been accepted.

Literally, this is "The client makes salutations."

Less literally, the "client pays a formal morning call on his patron."

If you're like me, the first time you saw something like this, you would have had a "say what???" moment.

So, when you have the time, here's a cultural lesson about patrons and clients in Roman society that helps explain why Duolingo also accepts this other translation.



It would appear that Duolingo changes it phrases on a whim! That calls for the student to be able to read their mind. I'm not sure I want to get that intimate with them.


There's little reason to the Duolingo rhyme, sometimes, thinks this Ancient Mariner!

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