Font Size

I’ve noticed that in some languages—particularly those with alphabets different from my native one—the size of the text is rather small.

It would be immensely helpful if we could choose the size of the text in the app.

For me in this particular case, I’m looking at the Arabic lessons. It’s certainly legible, but it would be so much easier to read if it was larger.

October 19, 2019


Tried it on different hardware and gadgets - the size of foreign letters is just too small, especially for arabic. real a must do to make it larger!

Agreed! I’m taking screen shots so I can see them, very laborious but it’s impossible to see otherwise. Especially when vocabulary improves and all kinds of tiny symbols completely change the sounds. IS THERE ANYONE FROM DUOLINGO PAYING ATTENTION THIS THIS????? Some kind of response acknowledging the problem would be appreciated

How do I increase the font in the lessons? I've gone to settings and followed the instructions and it didn't work. Help!!!

There might be an option for text size in the options app on your phone.

Amen! I find that it takes me a lot longer because it is so small. I'm going to try on my ipad where I can enlarge it myself.

This is ridiculously small. I can't see the Harakahat at all on my iPhoe, what is the point of then even including them?

This is a necessary fix. It ruins the experience not mention the headaches from squinting. Can a DuoLingo rep pls reply? The font in Hebrew is ridiculously small

I'm taking French. The questions were large and evidently I touched something and I decreased the letters. I want them large again.

On my phone, I don't mind the font size. I just started using my laptop for Duo and the Arabic letters are sooo small. I checked settings, but could not find a way to adjust

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