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How to type ओेर (wrong) on Hindi keyboard?

New to Hindi. Plz be gentle.

I've been trying to use the Bolnagri keyboard for Hindi, using the DuoKeyboard extension in Firefox, and there is one letter in particular that I am having trouble with.

It is the first letter in the word for "and," and it appears in the word for "woman" as well, I believe. It is hard to replicate my error here since the keyboard extension only appears in the excercises, but my attempt at the word for "and" looks like this: ओेर.

When I hit the AltGr key, there is a character that looks like the "a" letter equivalent with one hair sticking out the top. So I tried adding another hair with the keyboard, but apparently that is wrong. If I try adding anything directly to the "a" letter, it doesn't work.

Any tips? I definitely prefer learning how to type/write rather than selecting from a word bank.

October 19, 2019



On my keyboard you press alt + shift+ o to get this. If that doesn't work, google your keyboard and see if you can find the extensive lay-out and how it works. I did that to figure out how mine works, f.i. how to type complex consonants.


This is the layout of the Bolnagri keyboard. Since औ is on level 4 of the 'o' key, you need to press Shift+AltGr+o to get it (as Darius568602 says).

Diacritics like ो, े or ौ can be added only to consonants so you can't get ओ or औ by applying them to the vowel अ, which is to say that the end result will look correct but will not represent the right unicode character.


Thanks to you both. That clears it up. It took me long enough to discover that Shift and Alt give a different layout, and I never tried Shift+Alt.


Thanks for the link. Could ड, ढ, ट and ठ be missing on this picture? They are obtained with alt or alt+shift on the D and T keys. Or maybe this is not exactly the same layout as the phonetic Devanagari layout?


There are a few different phonetic layouts so it's possible you are using a different one.

This one has the retroflex letters on the 'f' and 'v' keys for some reason.


I'm not sure how to fix your issue specifically. But one work-around would be to try the Devangari Keyboard at https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/devanagari.htm


Sorry didn't notice the replies before I replied. :)


Does "Bolnagri" mean "phonetic" in Hindi, or something like "spoken" (because of "bolna")? I use that layout too, but didn't know this name.

I do not think too much when typing as this is a really intuitive layout. Instead of thinking in levels, my rule of thumb is that pressing shift aspires consonants and lengthens vowels, and that pressing alt produces standalone vowels, so lengthening a standalone vowels means both keys together.


It's a play on the words 'bolna' (speak) and 'Devnagri'(देवनागरी) which is the name of the script in which Hindi is written.

Also, what you have is a good rule of thumb but just to clear things up for someone new to Hindi that might be reading, औ is not lengthened ओ (and ऐ is not lengthened ए).


Nice pun.

Ah yes, correct, that was a simplification on my part as many vowels go in pairs. Thank you for the correction.


I suppose you are using Mangal Font which is Unicode based Font Try this plugin for Mozilla which is good. Link

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