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  5. "Agricolas in foro videtis."

"Agricolas in foro videtis."

Translation:You see the farmers in the forum.

October 20, 2019



What is wrong with "you see farmers in the market"? Duo has used the translation of market instead of forum before.


I wrote 'You see farmers in the forum' and it was also wrong. Apparently they want us to write THE farmers for some reason...

[deactivated user]

    Yes, precisely. Market should be accepted, and fits the context better.


    Farmers can be in the forum (= the public place) or in the market, both are natural translations.

    We already noticed that everywhere forum is accepted, market has to be also, and vice-versa, so just report it, and they'll repair this omission, it's the way it works.


    How would we talk about plural locations? E.g. "in the markets" ...?

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