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"The bread is stuffed with cheese."

Translation:Panis est fartus caseo.

October 20, 2019



Word order and Latin seems to be a big bugbear for me. What are the exceptions for the usual SOV format? Because using that, wouldn't this sentence be "Panis caseo fartus est"?


Well, not exactly. This sentence does not have a direct object. Est is linking two nominal phrases (that is, it's a "copula"). In Latin the verb in a copulative construction very often comes inbetween its two arguments "X est Y", "M sunt N".

That said, your version of the sentence is also perfectly fine.

In general, Latin word order is a complex topic with a lot of nuance that this course doesn't explicitly teach.


FartusFarciō ( stuffed, full, filled ) • Farce borrowed from Middle French farce ( comic interlude in a mystery play - literally "stuffed" )

Cāseō Cāseus • From Late Latin, Vulgar Latin Fōrmāticum From Fōrmāticus : Fōrmō ( shape, form ) + Cāseus


Pane is also a word for bread and declines, pane, pane, panem, panis, pani, pane, panes, panes, panes, panium, panibus, panibus, but pane was not accepted.

  • 1294

What is wrong with Panis fartus est caseo?

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