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Arabic alphabet missing. Please help

There are certain letter within the arabic alphabet that I did not see or be ale to practice. Somewhat frustrating as in the later courses, there are letter I can’t read or pronounce which leads to me failing levels. Examples of letter I did not practice in the alphabet portion are ض ص ث ق ف غًح ج ش ة ظ طً

October 20, 2019



Not all characters are taught in the 4 Alphabet lessons. Some are explained later, for example ص in At Home 1 and ة in Office. In the tips you can get an explanation for most of them, if you don't want to wait.


Thank you so so much!


Hello if you want write (مخارج الحروف) in google, see pictures and videos for where is the exit of every letter. Good luck:)



this is what we let the children hear to teach them Arabic alphabet.. It's very helpful to memorise them:) I mean children in an Arabian country, so I don't mean you, please;)

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