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Shift + enter doesn't always work?

Hey there! Usually when I write something in the discussion sections, I can insert a carriage return by hitting shift+enter. Every once in a while this doesn't work...like right now...nothing. So I'm forced to make everything one long paragraph. It's not the end of the world but it makes things more jumbled, especially if I'm trying to list things and give examples. Is there any reason why this seems to randomly happen to me, or is there a way around it? Shift+enter doesn't work, neither does just hitting enter. If it helps, I'm using Chrome. Thanks to any and all that reply and can help!

April 23, 2013



No idea why it doesn't work but you can insert a blank line between the paragraphs or list items

  • like

  • here


The problem seems to get fixed if I re-open Duo (not always practical if I'm commenting on a discussion during a lesson). As for what you just typed....how do I "insert a blank line"? What keys are you using to do that, or are you copy+pasting a blank line?


I just hit the ordinary enter key twice: first to finish the paragraph, then a second time to insert a blank line. Then, duo keeps the line break.

Like it did



That was my problem. Enter didn't work on its own, neither did shift+enter. I believe I started using shift+enter because occasionally when I hit enter by itself it would post my message instead of giving me my carriage return. Anyways, the problem seems to be fixed, and if it happens again I'll just have to "reboot" Duo. I'll still be curious why this happens though. More Matrix trolls?


OK, I see. If the enter key doesn't work, my workaround is nothing for you. This never happend to me...


I also press enter twice. The first enter does nothing, but with the second you get a blank line.


This is very similar with a bug I have seen in some text-boxes in lessons. If it happens and the end of your sentence falls at the end of the box, then something goes wrong. I cannot reproduce systematically this bug, and I think I reported some time ago, but I have seen it 5-6 times. The only workaround I could come up with was to go back in my sentence and add a few blank spaces in the middle so that the end will not coincide with the particular corner of the textbox, and then everything work fine.


Thanks! I'll try that next time and see if it works.

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