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  5. "You all like to run quickly."

"You all like to run quickly."

Translation:Celeriter currere vobis placet.

October 20, 2019



Definitiely problematic :

Celeriter currere vobis placet = You (pl.) like to run quickly

You ALL like to run quickly = Celeriter currere vobis OMNIBUS placet

If "all" is meant to indicate plural, just use some "(pl.)" between parentheses.


You've taken the words right out of my mouth!


No, it is indicating that we should use "vobis placet" instead of "tibi placet"

tibi = to you (singular)

vobis = to you (plural) or to you all

Some languages do not exactly translate directly to others


But "you all" (as far as I know) only has the meaning of "you" (plural) in certain parts of the United States. Elsewhere, it means "all of you without exception", as when a teacher might say to an unruly class, "You all will stay inside at playtime!" I agree with the idea of putting "you (plural)" or "you (singular)" to indicate unmistakably which is required, then nobody would be asking about "omnibus"!


What's the difference between celeriter and rapide? Is celeriter animate while rapide is not?


Why is it vobis placet and not vobis placeNt? If vobis is 'you all' and placet is the singular he/she/they, then why isn't it 'vobis placent'?


Because the subject of the sentence is currare not vobis. The Latin sentence is more literally 'To run quickly is pleasing to you (all)'.

When infinitives are used as subjects, the verb is put in the singular.


Excellent explanation!! Thank you!

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