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What are your favourite (Levantine) Arabic resources for a beginner?


I've wanted to learn the Arabic language for a long time, however my schedule (and budget) never allowed me to incorporate regular lessons at a language school into my timetable. Now that there is a Duolingo course, there is a way for me to learn the absolute basics motivated by the fear that Duo is going to abduct my girlfriend and dog if I don't reach the 30 daily XP.

However, the course is very basic and seems like a simplified version of MSA(?). I'm looking for resources, especially to learn Levantine Arabic vocabulary. I found some amazing Anki and Memrise (Decks) stacks but none of them have sound and I'm very far from being able to read Arabic correctly (especially without the vowel markings).

Do you know any resources from beginners (especially those with sound would be amazing)? I'm thinking about using iTalki after I have the foundation, is there anything else you'd recommend?

Thank you! :)

October 20, 2019

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Yes, it is basic MSA. I completed in fairly quickly. Varsity Tutors is a good source.

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