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"Flumina languide et lente fluunt."

Translation:The rivers flow sluggishly and slowly.

October 20, 2019



Is there a nuance between a river that would flow sluggishly, one that would flow slowly, and one that flows both sluggishly and slowly?


I feel like languidly would be a better translation...


I would suggest this translation:

Languide: faintly (without vigor) Lente: slowly (with low pace)


As a Portuguese language native speaker and still an English apprentice, this Latin course is teaching me lots of interesting words in English. "Sluggishly", what the hell is that?


From slug+ish+ly, lesma.


First off, it's an English learner. An apprentice is used mostly for crafts and other skills taught from a master to an apprentice. Second, "sluggishly" comes from "sluggish" which comes from "slug" which is lesma in Portuguese.


It really sounds to me like he is saying "languide flente fluunt".


I gather this was included to illustrate the chiasmus popular in Latin literature, poetry especially (1221, or ABBA if you prefer). In this case, FL L / L FL.


On the redundant tautology repeated more than once unnecessarily, I'm reminded of a line from Virgil, Aeneid IV, iirc, mentioning what in translation amounted to "a lion-coloured lion with hairy hair", but it sounded better in Latin :p


Wrong because I wrote Slow instead of slowly... I get it but... C'mon! :(...

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