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Mobile Hindi letter pairs broken

Hi there,

While taking the Hindi lessons on mobile, I keep running into impassible lessons while playing the match game as you wind up with one pair that they say doesn't match, but it obviously does. I've run into this in about five different letter lessons.

This last lesson I had the issue on is Letters 4, Level 3/5, Lesson 2/6. When you get to the 12th part of the lesson, there is a match game and lu and लु do not match and they are the last pair. Thus, you cannot continue the lesson.

I managed to get around this by going to the desktop, but like I said, it's getting frustrating because it's happened four other times in previous lessons.

October 21, 2019



Also noticed this, I've been having to go on the computer purely to get past these, which is frustrating


I have also encountered this. I reported as a bug after about three or so experiences. Bug reports have to be made through the desktop, and screenshots are really helpful. Perhaps if they get bug reports from multiple people, this issue might get moved up the priority list.

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