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"The drunk parrot sits in the chair."

Translation:Psittacus ebrius in sella sedet.

October 21, 2019



X sits / is sitting in a chair. • X subject is in stasis, not in transition.

X sits / is sitting down in / into a chair. • X subject is not in stasis but in transition from not being seated in a chair to getting seated into a chair. X could be proximal or not to the chair, standing, prone, ambulating, working & etc., then sits.


This could be confusing in English. It could mean "The drunk parrot performs the action of sitting in the chair", or it could mean"The drunk parrot is in a seated position in the chair". How does Latin handle the difference. In sellam sedet for movement?

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Yes, in + the accusative would indicate motion toward and therefore the process of sitting down, as opposed to the state of being seated, which is in + the ablative of location.

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