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  5. "You are Judy."

"You are Judy."

Translation:أَنْتِ جودي.

October 21, 2019



I was initially surprised that the pronoun didn't seem to be pronounced anti (fem) in the question portion since it refers to Judy--instead of ant(a) (masc)-- and so I was wondering if this was another instance of a bad audio situation with DL beta Arabic. But then I listened again in the Discussion area and I could hear the i. Now I'm not sure if there is just a difference between the two. Maybe it's just an audio problem or maybe it's unique to my computer and ears.


When you hover over a word (word by word) you wanna listen to in the question portion, it's pronounced without endings.


Whats the difference between zer and zabar in 2anta


I thought judy was a boy

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