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"Wir lassen die Tiere bei der Organisation."

Translation:We leave the animals with the organization.

June 24, 2014



"we leave the animals at the organisation" could be ok?


"at the organization" sounds way more natural to me than "with the organization" as an American. This whole sentence is just weird though.


Exactpy what i thought


Actually, I agree with you, because DL solution is even ambiguous, sounds like we are leaving entire organization to someone, alongside with some animals


That's what I put. Apparently not.


Is there any English native speaker? What is in this case the difference between "with" and "at" ?


In my opinion, it's just a slight nuance difference. With the organization sounds like you entrusted them to take care of the animals. At the organization sounds like you just dropped them off. Hope this helps!


I suppose when you translate it as 'at the organization ' you're dropping off the animals for good....like an animal rescue organization. If you use 'with the organization' you're dropping off the animals temporarily ... like at the vet or dog show. Yet really, 'at or with ' would work. The problem is with the word 'organization' It's too ambiguous as are many of Duo's sentences. For Duo's ambiguous sentences, a native speaker would be asking himself 'What country is this guy from? What an odd sentence '


Any difference between "lassen" and "verlassen"?


Quoting my google search :

"lassen" is very often like "(to) let".

"Let it be" ~ "Lass es zu"

"Verlassen" means leaving, often in the sense of "abandon", somtimes even "dying".


Verlassen here?

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