My students assignments are showing up "complete", even though they haven't even started them! They can't even click on the assignment on their dashboard. Why is this? It's confusing for them to have to search for the assignment. I thought assigning was going to make things easier, but it isn't. Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks for your help! Also - why can't I call a real person to troubleshoot? This is extremely inconvenient.

Sincerely, Alyssa Kleissler Spanish Teacher

October 21, 2019


Hi! I'm very sorry that you are having this problem. I'm sending you an email now to inquire on some details that will help us to fix this problem.

This is happening to me with the students who are just beginning to use Duolingo. Assignments are immediately listed as completed, and they may or may not show up for me as completed.

On the other hand, students who have previously done Duolingo, are completing assignments (SEVERAL times), and it is not showing up as complete for me or them. What is going on?

I haven't heard of this bug before, Alyssa! I'll get my colleagues play around and see if we can help you report the bug.

I have the same problem... All the assignment say it is completed. Starting the assignment with the email notification doesn't work also..

I am having this exact same problem. I have assigned tasks to students throughout the quarter and they insist that it shows completed on their side. I look and lo and behold, it does! But the icon for that skill is still gray and will not allow them access to that skill to even start it. So on my side, I just see missed assignments and low XP points since they all think they're done. I have tried re-adding the students to the class, and re-assigning assignments to the class but nothing has fixed this problem so far.

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