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I know many teachers have been having challenges with how Duolingo updates courses and levels for some time now. Are the people who manage Duolingo doing anything to update and remedy this situation. I have emailed teacher@duolingo.com multiple times and have received little to no feedback other than the automated response. I have sent screenshots of my students, their individual progress, and the class progress. When are we going to see an update/remedy? Thanks for any response to this matter.

Sincerely, Concerned educator

October 21, 2019



I am seeing that Duo's push to expand has decreased their willingness to respond. I've watched egregious errors go for months uncorrected. I don't believe these forums are being monitored any more by anyone who can change things.


You know, JPAlbert and PeteMehegan, I don't know what I was thinking. You should also join the Educator's Network! There's a sticky at the top of the discussion forum with the link.

I cannot tell you how supportive this platform has been to my personal growth as a teacher. Duolingo has allowed me to connect with other like-minded educators from around the globe. We bounce ideas off of each other, share resources, and offer support. We are also able to report bugs more clearly, posting screen shots and describing the situation in more detail. But more importantly, I learn at least one new idea to try in my classroom every week.

I am super-energized by some of the projects that a few of us are working on together, which will hopefully benefit not only our own students, but everybody using Duolingo. There is a synergy that I feel happening on the Educator's Network.

Please apply!


You've noticed that I'm in...and thanks for the heads up! I do look forward to the exchange.


Please keep in mind that moderators are volunteers. Things happen that prevent them from responding quickly. Perhaps both of you, JPAlbert and Petemehegan, will think about applying to be a moderator, and then you can help the response time! :) it sounds like you both wouldn't mind being more involved.

I know on another thread petemehegan talked about the student privacy issue. Since my principal knows how involved I am with Duolingo, I think that has helped me grease the wheels as I demonstrate how much Duo is helping my students.

Just a thought for you both.


I have applied for both French to English and English to French. I will again, given a chance. I also understand that moderators no longer have the ability to change errors, and that that has been reserved for the developers...which I suggest might not be the best approach since the monumental change that the whole French track underwent. The errors that had been eliminated over the years suddenly erupted again...and there does seem to be much less interaction between the wonderful, and very knowledgeable and amenable mods and the forums lately. Thanks for the call to patience, btw. That is always a valid reminder.

As far as the greasing goes, the administration is keenly aware of the work I do with DL, and my advocacy spans years...but they have decided to use DL as a test to check my willingness to comply with their strictures. Such is the nature of our current administration. They have another program in mind that does not include the importance of learning a second language, and for some, I'm thinking that reducing us down to one World Language is not an unreasonable cut...With Music and Art, we are always the first to be considered expendable by non-artistic, non-musical monolinguists. ;)


I'm unable to find your forum moderator application. If you're still interested, could you please apply again? I'd love to review it.


You bet. It would be beyond honor. Can you link me again to the page? I'm not sure where to look anymore. I actually just read what I wrote last year when I first applied....


Thanks. Done. There was no requirment to submit work in either language...Does that come later?


I wasn't aware about becoming a moderator. If I became a moderator, would I be able to fix errors or update concerns? I can understand that concerns may take longer than expected, I guess hearing some feedback would help calm my concerns. Can you tell me how I can help with fixing errors or resolving update issues? I'd love to be able to help in any way possible. Thanks again for the heads up.

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