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  5. "Emptor gemmas emere vult."

"Emptor gemmas emere vult."

Translation:The customer wants to buy the gems.

October 21, 2019



Why is "gems" without the article not accepted?


Good question. I would also like to know why the apparently random switching between "vult" meaning "wants to" and "would like to".


It's a beta course, so it's possible that there are (or were) mistakes.

But I think when we've seen would like, Duolingo has consistently used it with the subjunctive mood.

Emptor gemmas emere velit.

The customer would like to buy the gems.

Here's a tip with the verb conjugated in the present tense, subjunctive mood:


Here's the full conjugation:



Based on earlier work in this course, it seems to me as well that "would like to" should be accepted here


I have the same question (gems vs the gems) and I am very disappointed that a response to this query by Neferchitt has not been offered after two months


"Gems" and "the gems" are both included as acceptable answers (and have been for several months). If your answer was marked wrong, please double-check that you didn't make another error/typo. (For instance, quite a lot of people are writing costumer instead of customer).

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