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"Sudan and Iraq"

Translation:اَلْسّودان وَالْعِراق

October 21, 2019



its too easy to find the second country.... the وَ (and) is only on the correct answer each time, just look for the wa, this is not a challenge


GeofreyHa61650, I couldn't agree more. I find it puzzling that Duolingo regularly does this. They try to trick you with other words, using similar looking ones, which sometimes catch me out and make me resolve to read more attentively. But this only having one noun phrase among the answers that begins with و is ridiculous.


why this part of the lesson does not have sound anymore???


Mine has sound. But I'm 5 months after you. Perhaps it was a glitch.


How many days do I have to say the sound is missing on one exe rcise???


I forgot the وَ and still got it correct.

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