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Option to mark "typos" as incorrect

Can an option be added (or a course-wide change be made) to not mark "typos" in Latin as correct? I'm about ready to quit Duolingo over this - I am not learning declensions properly because it keeps accepting "urbe" for "urbes" and "urbem", and vice versa. This means I often skip over the note which tells me I'm actually wrong (because it says I'm correct, so I hit "enter"). It also means I do not get to practice and reinforce these declensions at the end. Finally, it means that I have my errors unconsciously reinforced. I'm using Duolingo to learn by the natural method (rather than memorize declension and conjugation tables). However, I feel I am not learning this at all, because of the dumb way the system marks the hardest part of Latin (don't kid yourself Duo; I can learn vocabulary anywhere) almost always as correct when it is not.

Is this just due to it being in beta, is it a global setting which might be changed later, or is this possibly the worst way to learn Latin (beating even rote memorization of Wheelock's tables)? If it will be fixed over time (as the word order was), I apologize for the rudeness of my post.

October 22, 2019



This is a problem that has been known to the contributors for some time now. They've been talking to DL staff about this, but it appears that a solution has not been introduced/found yet (or hasn't gone through if it has).

Have patience, and maybe slow down a bit. :) Another thing you can do is create lists in a flashcard app like Quizlet or Anki to reinforce what isn't reinforced on Duolingo. It's not exactly the natural method, but it'll help you learn the cases, at least.

Best of luck to you! :)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


This problem will not be fixed soon if ever, as other have said.

This means I often skip over the note which tells me I'm actually wrong (because it says I'm correct, so I hit "enter").

You will just have to be more careful. Always check the supplied answer.


I made the same experience. It is by far too permissive with word endings in latin, a language where word endings are paramount. I' seems to be very strict when typing in English though.


It's not possible, as it doesn't depends on contributors, but directly from the Duo software programmers.


Are the Duo software programmers not capable of changing the program then? I thought that's what programmers were for.


Yeah, we kinda need that :)

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