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Looking for someone to post a macron & pronunciation guide

Could a useful user make a course about macrons and the Latin pronunciation, an explanation, specifically for us?

(If the user could include the differences in classical Latin/church Latin (or whatever you call them), it would be really useful too)

Please, don't post your guide as a reply to this thread, but make a post, and provide a link in the comments. Because I don't want to link or bookmark this post.

Thank you!

October 22, 2019



Not sure it is really needed, because in most cases, the classic pronunciation is pretty straightforward. All you need is to understand the concept.

Just pay attention (actually, memorize for every word) to the long syllables and thus put the stress:

  • on the 1st syllable if the word has only 2 syllables
  • on the 2nd syllable from the end (penult) if it is long
  • on the 3rd syllable from the end (antepenult) if the 2nd syllable from the end is short
  • on the last syllable in words like illic, illinc, istic, adduc, which lost their final syllables

The syllable is also long, if it is "closed" (ends with a consonant) or contains a diphthong (ae, ei, oe, eu, au, ui).

  • The combination of muta (b, c, d, g, p, t) and liquida (l, r) doesn't break into two syllables.
  • "gn" with a short vowel before it (magnus) and the final "m" (decem) are nasal.

I think, this is enough for most cases.

If by a course you mean a Memrise/Decks course I am not sure what it would look like. A number of lessons each teaching all the forms of a particular word? I doubt that would be helpful.


If you could post that on a separate thread, I could link that in the Duolingo wiki. It gathers all the tips given by the users, about the courses, and for many languages.


Thank you, I bookmarked the videos for my own use, but I need a page, it's to post on Wikia = a thread.



Okay, but that my message is not a course, nor even a guide, and I'd prefer someone who knows Latin or better teaches it would do it.


Yes, but I wrote "Could a useful user make a course about macrons and the Latin pronunciation, an explanation, specifically for us.

I need a guide made by users, first, because I need it (an explanation adapted to the course content), second, because I want to post it on the Duolingo's wiki in the "user made courses" section. So, it was really my question. The link you gave is useful, but could be googled, and it was not my question.

But anyway, thanks for your post.


I look up the macrons in Wiktonary. It is really a great sourse, especially due to the etymology section, and derivates


Salvēte, amīcī! My first try of macronized DuoLingo Latin lesson. Could you please have a look? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34931826

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