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  5. "That building is there."

"That building is there."

Translation:Gedung itu ada di sana.

October 22, 2019



Previously, Duolingo explained that verbs are not always needed in Indonesian sentences. For example one can say "Saya adha di rumah" is the same as "Saya di rumah." Does it also apply in this case where one can also say, "Gedung itu di sana."?


Yes, it should be correct


I think DualLingo should have help not dependant on the community. Especially when new phrases are introduced. I didn't know what this meant.


AdamLewis I recommend you to not be dependant on single material- For me I first prefer indonesianpod101 there I've got lot of conceptual things. Btw i skipped everything there and just grasped the grammar pattern after going through 1000 core words.

Now here duolingo comes to play in its full potential- as you go through phrases, new vocab, transaltion, and most important shadowing the doubts are almost cleared as duoling lacks grammer (which is important to understand how a new language operates) And indonesianpod101 lacks shadowing (due to which even after knowing the dynamics of that languge, we couldn't make more than 3 meaningful sentence with set of words since our brain isn't habituated to listen and repeat new language).

Concluding- It's my personal experience, for you my friend it might be different. I prefer if you want to learn it then don't restrict yourself with single material. Explore endlessley until you achieve your goal.


I agree. I think the folks who designed the lessons should be involved in giving feedback because they are the only ones who know the intentions behind each exercise and example. Other Indonesians who answer in these forums may not be linguist specialists even though they are native speakers.


I think you meant duolingo


Struggling with when to add "ada" to a phrase. HELP.


"Gedung itu ada di satu." should also be accepted, right?


Doesnt satu mean "one" ?


Yeah it means one, moreover Satu Dua Tiga Empat Lima Enam Tujuh Delapan Sembilan Sebalas (i doubt this 10)


Sepuluh is 10 dua puluh is 20


What is the difference in the uses of "di sana" and "ke sana"? Translating "We go there", the correct given answer included "ke sana".


I type itu and it says it's ini and i type ini and it says its itu.....Ahhhhhhhhh

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