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"That writer produces two books in a year."

Translation:Penulis itu menghasilkan dua buku dalam satu tahun.

October 22, 2019



"penulis itu menghasilkan dua buku di satu tahun" is not accepted. Please help me how to use di and dalam. Thanks


"in a year" in this sentence means "within a year". "Dalam" can have a meaning like "inside" or in this case "within" (both could be replaced by "in" in english so for the indonesian word you need to imagine that meaning. Either "inside something" or "within some period fo time"

"Di dalam cankgir" - "In (inside) the cup"

"Dalam satu tahun" - "In (within) one year"

"Di dapur" - "In the Kitchen" (just informing about the place in general)

"Di hari Sabtu" - "On Saturday" (just informing about the date, not a period of time)


Shouldn't 'setahun' be accepted here? I think it's accepted in other parts of the course

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