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  5. "Togas candidas habetis."

"Togas candidas habetis."

Translation:You have white togas.

October 22, 2019



I believe that the togas were specially whitened to make them stand out, when one was running for office; and so I used the form "whitened" (instead of "white").


What is the difference between Candidus and Albus?


Lewis & Short tell us that albus, a, um means "(dead) white," opposite of ater, atra, atrum "coal-black, lustreless-black, sable, dark", whereas candidus, a, um means "of a shining, dazzling white, clear, bright," opposite of niger, ❤❤❤❤❤, nigrum , "black, dusky". There's also pullus, a, um for "dark, dark-green, dark-gray". Colors are notoriously difficult to 'match up,' between the ancient world and us moderns (just try working with purpureus, a, um !)

[Wow--I see that the automatic something-or-other felt it had to 'delete' the feminine,nomin. sing. form of the Latin word "(shiny) black." It's not an evil word, in Latin, though.]


Thank you very much, I didn't know about that issue.

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